Character Sheets

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Hello all, I'm soliciting thoughts on how to handle character sheets in EpicTable. I know that the plan is to integrate a system into ET but how are people handling now? Thanks all.


  • Over the past few years, I've come to realize that I don't need an application to handle anything I don't actually do at the table. For instance, I rarely if ever ask to see a character sheet (or a dice roll). If you can't trust your players...

    That being said, you can import a jpg of a character sheet as the background of a tabletop and add nifty things like text objects, image objects, and even dice roll macros. I usually create a tab for each player.
  • That's a great idea for creating character sheets. It's a bit labor intensive at first, but after that...

    I still pine away for the character sheets as first presented way way way back when. ;) However, we can mostly hand create a lot of that via the method above.
  • Thank you much
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