An introduction


My name is Fizban or Gareth for short.

Just going to get to the point and introduce myself, explain why I am here, and talk a little about myself.

I am here because I decided to give up my usual sunday f2f game in order to spend more time with my young son. To get my RP fix I decided to either join or run a game on a sunday night. After looking around various communities I decided that 1) I would run a game and 2) I would use EpicTable as it is free for players and more importantly easy and versatile.

My GM'ing style:

I enjoy cinematic games, encounters that flow preferably without interruption. As a result I tend to play fast and loose with the rules. Many a time I have granted a player extra actions in order to let them do something incredibly cool, or when a character has a really good idea I am happy to make what is obviously a very difficult role (as per the DC chart) suddenly quite attainable. Given the source material available for most games I also let my players have free reign of the game, I nod in the direction of their next quest but I also let them get on with it.

I remember one occasion in a sci-fi game, one of the players followed a subtle hint (nodding at a possible future campaign idea) and followed it through to the end, finding a totally new and ingenious way of completing their current mission.

My games also tend to have adult themes, they are never lewd or dirty but they do contain grit and moral ambiguity that people who don't have mature attitudes can have trouble dealing with. My games have plenty of grey areas. I am quite happy to let my party fail in their mission and have it affect the game as a whole. I have even followed it to the point where entire empires have fallen, speicies have died out, continents have been torn usunder, and worlds have burned. I have had to re-evaluate both my fantasy and sci-fi settings because of a series of mistakes players have made which have had larger implications. I have no problem if my players fail and I am happy to let them watch as the world they are in breaks around them.

I like to protect my characters to a certain extent. Unless I otherwise specify or it is blatently obvious my encounters are challenging but not lethal. I will not throw out death effects if my players can't resist them. If a player goes below 0 hit points I usually let them lie prone until the end of the encounter where they can be safely revived, however if they make a silly mistake or take an absurd risk I will happily let them die.

When my usual group works out the next GM order and games are discussed and suggetsed, I always let the players decide what game they want to play in. Given that I like to write down ideas and I sometimes nerd out on something and think 'That would make a great RP' I always have a folder with dozens of preliminary RP ideas jotted down.

I look forward to being a part of this community and contributing at least in some small way to it.


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