Excited about upcoming session with 1.1!

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I have an upcoming game session with 1.1, and am pretty excited.

I am especially happy at how many "Hey, is there a way to do this in EpicTable?" questions I've asked over the months have turned into features - if every vendor was this responsive to my questions, I think I'd be happy with everything. As it is, EpicTable is giving me a load of happiness, and I'll be excited to see the new features in action.

Anyone else got a "killer feature" they're looking forward to in this new version? Or that you've already used?


  • Thanks for posting this. It's this kind of thing that keeps me working every night.

    Just wait until you see what I have planned for 1.2!
  • I can't wait. I'm REALLY looking forward to TruVision, when it arrives. :D
  • My session is delayed two weeks. :(

    However, I'm still psyched. Especially looking forward to the improvements in chat (though copy/paste is still not there? sad!) and draw mode.

    As I asked earlier - anyone got a favorite improvement they are looking forward to trying, or that they have tried and really like?
  • For me its the speed and being able to move a group of icons easily, we usually have a map full of stuff. There wasn't any "new" features that effected us too much, But when Truevision , Deck of Cards , and Initiative tracker comes along. We will be in heaven.
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