Hi all

Just found Epic Table the other day and it looks exactly what I've been looking for. I work overseas a lot for months on end and because of that haven't been able to game in forever. Since I have a ton of down time I'll be able to really delve into it.


  • Welcome. Wish I could relate to having a lot of downtime. ;)

    As far as never getting to play, though, EpicTable has made a huge difference for me, personally. I'd be interested in your experiences with respect to bandwidth available and its impact in EpicTable. I've been working with a guy in the support forum who's having some trouble on a connection that's less than 1Mbps each way. EpicTable doesn't hit your bandwidth too hard--usually--but the image transfer can be tough at low bandwidth. Immediately after the fog of war work I'm on now, I'll be spending some time on bandwidth optimization.
  • Hi John. We get our internet connection out here by satellite and needless to say, I'm sure it's a lot slower than 1Mbps. I'm sure it's close to dial-up speeds. I just tried to run a speed test and it locked up. As soon as I get the hang of the system here and get a group together, I'll test it out and post the results.
  • Do you use Dropbox? I've been considering a web-based resource distribution scheme, but for people in your situation, perhaps a way for you to let resources sync over a longer time period would help as well.
  • Yes, I do use dropbox. I can PM you my info if there is a way to.
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