Feature request: Character tokens - custom token border colors

It would be nice if we could change the color of the token border from the default black color to a custom color.

If this feature is already in ET, then please accept my apologies for missing it.


  • It used to be / still is . But its not functioning right at least in our game it not. The option to do it seems to only pop up randomly, and when it does pop up i can only seem to apply it to one token, and even then half of the players cant seen the color change only me. But it worked perfectly before the last patch and i also used it often .
  • Sorry--I didn't realize that. I'll check it out.
  • Okay, here's a little more info on this.

    It's not that the option to set the border pops up randomly. It's that the Format tab (where the border option exists) is only available when one and only one object is selected. That's not by design, and I'll fix it.

    I haven't been able to reproduce the border changes not being broadcast though. If you have any more details on how you get that to happen, I'd be very interested.
  • Im not sure i planned to email you after the last game cause there are a few things that don't work that used to for us after the patch i just hadn't had a chance too ( became a uncle recently ><) . The broadcast may be rolled into something else cause we also noticed that not every roll would broadcast to every one as well. maybe 1 out of every 8 dice rolls just wouldn't show up . Also no one is able to pull their token off the portrait bar anymore even when given control of the token. Also unless you changed the way its done. we can no longer move things as a group . We use status icons that go on top of the tokens , we used to be able to grab the token and token icons and drag/move them together. Now it just takes the top token. I can send you a diag. if you need me too. Also sorry to derail your thread romelwell , and sorry to get you this info so late after the patch john.
  • On the dropped messages:

    Please double-check your versions. Dropping some messages and not others is usually an indication that someone's getting messages they don't know what to do with...meaning their EpicTable is not the same version as the senders'.

    Moving things as a group

    This has changed. Sigh. I really should have given you guys a heads up about that. This is a consequence (a temporary one, I think) of the new tabletop technology I've implemented. By now, you've noticed that lasso select looks different. It also acts a little different. To move a selected group, you have to grab the selection--the hashed border around the selected group--rather than grab one of the selected members. The friendly thing would be for either way to just work, but the new surface was so much better in other ways, that I didn't want to delay its release any longer. I should have mentioned this difference in the release notes, though, and probably didn't.

    Inability to pull characters off the portrait bar

    I've duplicated this. If someone creates their own character, they can pull it off the portrait bar normally. It's if the GM creates the character and assigns it to them that they're unable to do so. I wonder if that's always been an issue... I can't think of anything in 1.1 that would have changed that behavior. Regardless, I've written a bug up for it and will address it.
  • Oh, and Thadictator, with respect to the dropped messages: if you are all on the same version, gather the diagnostics from your machine and from someone with missing messages, I'd be happy to take a look.

    If you've forgotten how, here's the post on the support site describing how to collect diagnostics.
  • hey john i wanna say we are all on the same version since i mentioned it to the party several times before playing after each update but, that is still def. possible lol.

    With the moving group thing i dont think i ever tried to move it like that so ill will tonight if that works it should be no prob to revert to. I can understand the switch to the new look and movement i love it personally.

    Now the character thing if you remember we had a talk about this awhile back. And the reason I/the GM made there toons was because if the player made it. Epic table wouldn't hold it from session to session and would have to remake it every game. With the patch i never thought to try to have them make their own again assuming the result would be the same. If they are able to make their own and they stay, then we should prob delete the GM ones and have them make theirs individually. So let me know if that is the way to go.
  • The issue with player-created objects not being persisted is limited to private player-created objects. As long as a player creates a shared object (character, map, tabletop, whatever), it'll be preserved. That was true of 1.0 as well. The reason for this is that all game state is stored on the host's computer. If a player creates a private object, it exists only on his computer and never becomes part of the game.

    I know, there are reasons why a player might want to create a private object--a replacement character not yet unveiled, a private tabletop for notes--I get it. I'll get that fixed. But in the meantime, just have your players create shared characters and you're all set.
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