Export campaign files to different host computer?


I will be traveling for work this coming week, and I was curious if it is possible to export a campaign I am working on from my home laptop to my work laptop for the sole purpose of continuing to develop the in-game materials/setup?

I'm not sure if this violates EULA, but it would be nice if I could continue to do setup/configuration of character sheets, notecards, maps, etc while sitting in the hotel at night. I looked at the file structure of the EpicTable installation and I do not see files for the characters I created, thus I am concerned it will not be as simple as copying a file structure from the current host to the new host...

If it is not possible to copy a campaign from one machine to another, I suppose I could leave ET open on my home laptop and connect to it from my work laptop, however I would need to ensure that this 'work' user has full permissions to modify the content (characters, maps, handouts, etc)...

Any suggestions?



  • Hi romelwell,

    First off, you're fine with respect to licensing. EpicTable is licensed to you personally, not to a specific machine, so you're 100% in-bounds.

    Second--you're correct that it's not very straightforward to get the right files.

    Let me get back to you this weekend. I'll either provide detailed instructions on what to move where, or something better... :cool:
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