Lock Layout

edited October 2013 in EpicTable Discussion
I had hoped that "Lock Layout" would, at least for my machine, remember the settings that I chose for Chat, Dice Tray, and Character Portraits. Outside of changing the image between a closed and open lock, I have yet to see what it does.

Am I missing something?


  • "Lock Layout" prevents your accidentally undocking and moving the Chat Panel, Dice Tray and Portrait Bar. If you turn that off and hover near the top of any of those panels, a little draggable header drops down. This is really annoying if you don't happen to be rearranging your panels at the time (which is 99% of the time). Thus, "Lock Layout" was born.

    It's my intention to have ET save the layout automatically and restore it to the way you had it last. There's a chance that'll get in 1.2 with some other layout related changes (like saving tab order).
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