Status of Epictable?

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I have not seen anything in the forum since October, and the Support section seems overrun with spam. Has something happened to John?


  • Nothing's happened to me. I'm here. The forum has been very quiet, which I kind of chalked up to the holidays. There's heavy activity daily from spambots against this forum, and so far it seems to be holding. I'll go look at the support forum. Some got through earlier--and undetected because unlike when legitimate posts appear there, I don't get an email from the spam posts. I thought I had that attack vector blocked. Apparently not.
  • Thanks for letting me know about the spam. I believe I have it all cleaned up, and I've put some new safeguards in place.

    As for the quiet out here, I'm hoping to perk things up a bit with the 1.2 release, which introduces fog of war.
  • I happen to know that behind the scenes john is working hard on the next patch Epic table is far from done and looking forward to 1.2. With my game now running over a year and half using Epic Table iv learned that the quiet before the storm usually means the next patch is near :).
  • Thadictator;3011 wrote: ...the next patch Epic table is far from done...

    Thanks, Thadictator. Just a clarification--I know what you meant, but for the sake of everyone else, the next EpicTable update is 1.2, and it's not far from done. Think "weeks" not "months".
  • I just watched the Fog of War demo video. Very nice! And I love the philosophy behind it - less prep, more play. It's a nicely flexible system that will really come in handy. Great job, John! :D
  • Thanks, Velgor. I'm pretty excited about this way of handling fog of war. It's very consistent with the rest of EpicTable's philosophy of minimizing prep and letting you run your game your way.

    The vision prototype I'd done back a few years ago has remained in prototype stage because I needed to invest time into making it easy and making it run well across a variety of maps and different computers. I had some nifty, but ultimately, fairly complex optimization techniques I was experimenting with.

    Meanwhile, my own Pathfinder game--and some of you guys--were really turning up the heat on the need for fog of war. However, in actually running my game, I was finding that I wanted something much simpler and more flexible than the thing I'd been prototyping. I was also hearing from folks on this forum and at Gen Con about what they wanted in fog of war. It slowly dawned on me that what I'd been working on was at odds with the philosophy of EpicTable and that of the people that with whom EpicTable really resonated.

    That's when I started brainstorming other approaches with users of EpicTable--some of you long-time EpicTable supporters, and with Team EpicTable--former, and sometimes current, gaming buddies that help run the EpicTable booth. The result is what you see in this video. The first time I sat back and looked at the prototype of the approach in 1.2--at that point, just a raw WPF test app with shapes "cut out" of a black panel covering a picture of penguins--I knew I'd found something really worthwhile.
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