Just Your Average DM

Takkei here. Found EpicTable when looking for some options to continue D&D when I move. It looks very promising. I already like it better than most of the higher grade VTs out there (I've been messing with the trial for about an hour). It seems to be the perfect blend classy yet simple, I really like it.

But about me.. Well I've been playing D&D since I was 12, expanded in systems, then when my friends got into it, I took over as DM for a while. And my DM style is a reasonable blend between RP and combat based. Though if you are ever in a game of mine, be warned, when it comes to endgame I will try to destroy the party. That is MY goal for a campaign. Obviously staying within the reasonable confines of encounter creation though. Don't expect 14 dragons vs. the party as the final encounter. :P

As far as sticking to a settings' lore (let's say I'm running a game in the LotR universe), I am not against screwing with canon. Some people say I shouldn't do that, but when I base a campaign in a pre-created setting, I like to take it and make it my own, creating new lore and the like. If you wish, you can think of it as an alternate reality of the setting.

Is there anyone else like me or is everyone stuck to the idea that canon is law?


  • Hi Takkei,

    Glad you're liking EpicTable so far. Let me know if you need help.

    -- John
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