Dice Mechanics Help

Attempting to set these mechanics up and have not quite figured out the best setup. I have come really close but Have not figured out how to get the "Drama Dice" to be counted as the highest while not discarding the 6's

Example: My Character has a 3 in his governing Attribute so my "Drama Dice" is 1 D6 is of one color or type then I have 2 additional D6's of another color or type.

I roll all 3 dice and take the highest dice if I get a 6 on the Drama dice I keep the highest 2 rolled add those to the skill and get the sum.

My closest results came when I set the

1xD6 +(Skill Total)

Keep 6's (No Limit)


2xD6 + 0

Keep Highest (1 Dice)

Evaluators to apply to all Dice

Keep Highest (2 Dice)


This works well when my Drama Dice gets a 6. It does not work when my Drama Dice is not a 6 but gets the Higher roll out of the 3. Note changing the Drama Dice to Keep Highest and 6's does not work since it keeps the highest 2 from the whole set and this should only happen when the Drama Dice gets a 6.

Not sure if there is a way around this it also does not account for all 1's either which is a Dramatic Failure. Can Count Successes be used with the Sum option?

Hope You someone can Help.
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