Copyiing info to new games

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Didn't see a search function so please pardon if this has been explained elsewhere.

Our GM has had crashing problems and we've had to start a new game twice now. Is there a way to copy info like dice rolls and so forth from game to game? Having 15 to 20 dice rolls all pre-set and then having to start all over is getting tedious.

Thanks for a response or a re-direct. ;-)


  • Hi Feadel.

    Sorry your having trouble. Crashing is very unusual. Could you please open a support ticket at and attach the results from running "Collect Diagnostics"?

    As for copying dice rolls from game to game, sadly, that's not supported yet.
  • Our GM said he is sending crash reports.

    But supporting info copying is something you should look at. ;-)

    Thanks for the quick response. Gotta get back to entering dice rolls for Saturday's game. :p
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