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Hello guys !

First, I must say that I've searched quite a lot on the web to find this software. I think that EpicBattle is one of the best solution available on the web. There are a lot of great ideas and I love how it is presented :)

But before launching the trial, I would like to know a few things :

  • I am looking for a VT to use it in a "hybrid" way. My players are going to be physically next to me but I'm looking for an enhanced tools to assist me. I would like to be able to show stuff (maps, artwork representing my characters, letters, ...) which we can do in EpicBattle. But I would also like to have some kind of music manager, character sheet manager, ... I've looked for those features but haven't found anything about it (maybe I baldy searched ?)

  • The game I'm playing is not dice-based (heresy, I know ^^). I'm not really interested in the dice system. I suppose we can manually edit the parameters of players and monsters (like HP) ?

From other customer's point of view, how good is EpicBattle to assist you in face-to-face sessions ?

Thank you in advance for the time you took to read ;)


  • Welcome Helgos!

    I'm going to answer this assuming that when you say "EpicBattle" you mean "EpicTable".

    Using EpicTable in what you're calling "hybrid mode" or face-to-face gaming is something a lot of us do. I used to print out handouts for monster images, place images, etc. Now, I throw those up on a screen. Several folks use maps on the screen with face-to-face games.

    For character sheets you have a couple options. Often, I'll create a tabletop, name it "Characters", and put either index cards or rich text cards on the tabletop, one per character. You can also create a Character and edit it--you have multiple tabs of rich text notes to work with, and leave character windows scattered about.

    For music, far and away the best thing I've seen is Syrinscape. ( This is how music at the tabletop should be done. It's really fantastic. The only thing I'd like to add is the ability to tie objects or encounters in EpicTable to Syrinscape and trigger them from within EpicTable, but honestly, the Syrinscape interface is so well done, that it's really not an issue having it up in a separate window. The integration with EpicTable is probably not worth the time.
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