Token identification

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I can't figure out how I'm supposed to identify the tokens. Normally software I've used in the past would have an option to append a number after each tokens name but I can't a) figure out how to display the tokens name and b) how to set a separate name for monsters without creating a different character for each token.

For example, I currently have 6 goblin cutters. To keep track of them separately for conditions and hit points I cannot figure out a way to distinguish them from each other.

I'm curious how others have dealt with this.


  • Right now, the only option is put different colored borders on them. One of the things on "the list" is autonumbering creature tokens like this--annotating each token you drag to the map with a number. At the moment, though, it's just like your physical battlemat--if you use the same mini for multiple distinct creatures, you keep track of that...however you keep track of that. The same is true on EpicTable at the moment, with the exception of the ability to give them different colored borders. Would the ability to number them help you? (I'm guessing "yes"--it would help me.)
  • Yes, it would, very much. For now I'll just create different tokens for each so not a show stopper, but a stumbling block.
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