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So, I just started doing the 30 day trial of the EpicTable, and so far, I'm enjoying it, I love the fact that I can duel screen and have one that shows for the players, and one for the DM. My biggest question is this: If I find that, after the 30 day trial, I want to continue to use EpicTable as a DM utility, but cannot afford it at the moment, will I still be able to use it as a DM tool for my at home games? I don't play online, everybody is at my house, and using just my computer, and my LCD TV as the second screen.

Basicly, I just want to know if I'll still be able to use it for what I'm using it for now on the free portion, or will I have to buy it before continuing on to use it as a DM tool?

Sorry for ramblings and the issues of clarity.


  • Welcome WYldeWolf48!

    Thanks for your interest. The main features of EpicTable that you have to be licensed to use are creating and running games. So, while you can join someone else's game without a license, you can't run your game--remote or not--without a license.

    -- John
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