EpicTable Status Update - February 2016

Hey folks,

It's been a long time since I've updated you on what's going on. I just posted an update on the blog. Please feel free to use this thread for comments.

-- John


  • Hey John thanks for the update, Sorry for the late response. Iv taken a break from GMing games, to create my own system and work on a big Project myself. Might need to get with you on voice chat and see if you would be interested with your development skills lol. I know the toll things like this take so completely understand backing off development a bit to live a little. Epic table has inspired me to invest more into the tabletop world than i ever imagined. Its held about 5 campaigns for me to GM and many others to play in.

    Including my first ever fully Completed campaign that lasted 2 years playing twice a week for one year of it. So thanks for all you do.
  • That's awesome to hear. Thanks for posting. My goal in creating EpicTable was to allow people to game despite some of the life logistics that sometimes make it difficult, so it's great to hear that it's helped you!
  • I can see why you need/want to take a break. Go ahead and take one. And thanks for creating Epic Table !
  • I'm being more productive on EpicTable again--figuring out how to work on it without its being the all-consuming obsession that was probably pointing me toward an early grave. It's not a drudgery either--I love working on it. It's just slower when you aren't effectively a developer-wraith. Speaking of that, I have stuff to share--not stuff to release, which is always uncomfortable for me, but some things that will show you what's coming and let you provide early feedback. I'll target tonight for something for you guys to look at.
  • Thanks for the update !
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