link to maps on a web site ?

I've been thinking about linking to maps, and how slow it can get, from various posts here and elsewhere. Uploading from my home computer is what I'm trying to say.

But, I have a web site with good bandwidth and lots of room. I can even password folders in cpanel, so I could make maps available to the players as I need to.

Do I just post the link in Epic Table chat, or do I need to email the link to them ?

Thanks !


  • Hi Jim,

    All exchanges of resources, such as maps, portraits, handouts, etc., in EpicTable are managed by EpicTable transparently to the user. So, you don't need to send these things around beforehand or figure out where and how to host them yourself (though it sounds like you've got that part figured out). Everything is cached, so it's only pulled over the network once.

    -- John
  • Thanks for the reply.
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