Welcome to the new EpicTable forum!

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Welcome to the new EpicTable forum! It's been a long time coming. This new forum is more modern and consistent with the EpicTable look. If you're familiar with Vanilla forums, this will be easy for you. All your posts have been migrated over here, and you can login with the same username and password you've been using. Avatars should be preserved, but if you had a special signature, you'll have to recreate that. Sorry.

If you come across issues, please let me know.

The old forum still exists. If you need to get back there, it's http://www.epictable.com/forums.


  • I've seen an issue with profile links--i.e., clicking on the name of a post author to get to their profile. I'll run that down.

    As I mentioned in another thread, there was a period during which newly uploaded avatars would be fuzzy, regardless of the resolution at which you uploaded them. This was Vanilla always uploading/storing a 40x40 image for the avatar, and I'm displaying 60x60. I've since corrected this. The avatar is 60x60 and the profile pic is 160x160. I was able to upload a 160x160 pic and it looks fine at both resolutions.
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