VTT Comparison Chart

Hi John,

I'd like to include EpicTable on the VTT Comparison Chart I now maintain (http://battlegroundsgames.com/vtt-comparison-chart/). Currently, the info on it is badly in need of an update, but I figure while I'm at it, I can purge old VTTs and add new ones. So I was wondering if you could email me the info you'd like to see posted in the EpicTable column for each row on the chart. Thanks!


  • The VTT Comparison Chart has just been updated with the information submitted (by the developers themselves, in most cases). Most of the information was transcribed verbatim, but I did make a handful of edits for the sake of brevity and/or clarity.

    The column for OpenRPG was removed, and one for Roll20 was added.

    I never did get any info for EpicTable, but I suppose it could be added at some later date, if you care to submit something, John.

    Check it out, let me know if any content on the chart is incorrect, and I'll see that it gets fixed.

    I don't have the time to personally verify every claim and data point, so I'm counting on everyone to let me know if there are any blatant untruths or exaggerations regarding each VTT's capabilities.

    Here's the link to the chart:
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