EpicTable User Interface Feature Survey

As I work towards EpicTable 2.0, I'm questioning some aspects of the user interface as it exists today, and I'd like to ask your help. If you're an EpicTable user, I'd really appreciate your taking the time to compete this survey. It's four questions long, unless you want to add more comments. For the investment of one minute, you can help shape EpicTable 2.0.


  • Took the survey, forgot to mention something I'd like to see ... playing cards.
    I know, I know, very complicated (who gets what cards, who sees the cards, how do you keep track of the cards/'show' the cards, and to whom, are cards customizable, etc etc etc), and for what I would see as a (in all honesty) low priority need for many gamers.
    Still it is something on my wish list, but I've learned to adapt and still love EpicTable, cards or no cards.
    Looking forward to 2.0! Oh and you say that license will be free upgrade - to be perfectly honest (and probably a bit dumb), I'd be willing to repurchase a license for 2.0, provided the Kitchen Table still applies (which you also say will be so!). So if you feel you must, I will still be on board - EpicTable has value to me that I'm willing to pay for!
  • I'm with you on cards. I love Primetime Adventures, so... Standard cards will come first, but I think custom cards will be there at some point.
  • Along with cards, I'd love the ability to have something like fate counters that the players could pass amongst each other but not be able to "steal"...
  • That's interesting. I've been thinking of token "ownership" for things like preventing people from moving/viewing the wrong character token, but for something like counters that are indistinguishable and probably not location-sensitive, what do you think about the notion of "containers" (which might be just a region of the tabletop) that can be accessed by only one player. So, I can move something from my container to yours, but can't take something from your container (and maybe can't even see what's in it).
  • That would work perfectly - it would be a great model of how the physical table top would work, and would fit the uses I have thought of perfectly!
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