EpicTable and FFG's Star Wars RPG

I'm going to be using EpicTable for the first time in my SW Campaign and I was wondering if anyone else is using it for this system?

Any tips or techniques to share?


  • Okay, so here's something I had to figure out how to make work in the current version of EpicTable: Destiny Points.

    I ended up creating a .png that merged both sides of the token -- the dark side on the lower half and the light side on the upper half. I'm using upper and lower just for reference here, but the actual graphic I created combined images of the upper halves of both sides of the Destiny Token.

    I then created a Character with my Destiny .png as the portrait.

    This allowed myself and my players to not only drag a Token Character onto the tabletop, but to rotate it whenever a Destiny Point was invoked, placing the light or dark half "up" as needed. And since there's no limit to how many times you can add a Character's Token to the tabletop, we were able to create as many of these as we needed for the session.

    Placed on their own shared Tabletop and that Tabletop dragged off to one side, the Destiny Points were always visible so never forgotten.

    A little bit inelegant, but it worked just fine.
  • Session two saw us using a different interface for Destiny Tokens: a Tabletop with a Background image showing Light and Dark on which we just placed some stones from the Items menu.

    Being able to drag the Tabletop off to one side and resize it, plus the simplicity of just dragging the stone-objects from one side of the background image to the other, made this a much better interface for Destiny Tokens than my previous implementation. (Having to right-click twice to access the Rotate option required to much user-attention.) So we've decided to stick with this method for now.
  • Another benefit to using a tabletop for Destiny Point tracking; rules text! Yes, I put a small chart of reminders underneath the main image so that all my players could glance down and see just what Destiny Tokens can be used for. Particularly great for introducing new players to the SW RPG.

    I've also taken this concept and applied it to combat tracking: I generated a chart with all of the possible initiative slots and set up some game-tokens to use on it. I have three generic tokens (PC, ALLY, NPC), tokens for each character (taken from the characters themselves) and tokens for boost and setback dice. Any of these tokens can then be placed in the appropriate initiative box as required.

    Also, as part of the main graphic, I have a section for character-specific boosts, setbacks and upgrades. This area will be used by just placing a copy of the character's token in the correct column.

    Overall, I hope that this will make for a nice visual way to track combat rounds. I'll be testing it out next week when my players take on a group of Imperial Engineers and Troopers.
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