Hello All!

Hello everyone!

My name is Damon, and I have been playing RPGs for the last 25 or so years (starting with all the different Palladium games and then moved into AD&D 2e after a couple years). Since then I have played (mostly DM'ed) lots of different systems, some mainstream and some not so mainstream, and many are older versions of current games. Warhammer FRP (1e or 2e) and 40K RPG are probably my favorites (setting and rules).

I recently started playing again remotely with friends after moving away from them last year. It was last Friday when I first played again, as a player. My buddy the DM had set everything up on Roll20 and that was really my first experience with VTT games.

I really enjoyed the experience and thought that I would need to come up with something for when it was my turn to run a game again. So yesterday I checked out Roll20, D20Pro, Fantasy Grounds and a couple others. I did quick maps in each of them and found that they were each lacking something that the other had. Then I found this baby.

A program NOT dedicated to any one system. Very cool. I looked at this as exactly how John describes this in many of his videos.... A Table. Something to present any game on. I was hooked within an hour, and had purchased less than an hour later. I am with this system for the long haul!


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