Facing and snap on hex grid

I'm just checking out the download, looking at possibly buying this to play with my nephew in Canada. I play GURPS, and GURPS uses a hex grid. It seems snap to grid assumes a Cartesian grid, and doesn't work with a hex grid, is that right or am I doing something wrong?

Also in GURPS, facing is important. Rotation seems to be in 45-degree increments, but on a hex grid should be in 60-degree increments. Again, am I missing something?



  • Sorry, There's no snap for hex grids right now. I (probably incorrectly) thought that too few people cared about hexes for me to work out the math for hex snapping. As for rotation, at the design level, objects support rotation in 1-degree increments or to a specific value. However, at the UI level (which is the only level you care about) it only supports 45-degree increments--more square-grid-centrism on my part. I'll do better in 2.0.
  • I'm a new user (GM) of EpicTable and I'm looking forward to playing hex-based systems with it as well (Aftermath!, GURPS, and Hero/Champions, and home-brew, etc).

    I would love to have snapping to the hex grid and also rotations of 30 degrees (character to face hex side and also hex 'point'.

    Thanks, SZ
  • I also use hex grids for games such as GURPS, Aftermath and Hero/Champions. Snapping to the grid and facing both the hex side and hex 'point' are both important (30 degree rotations).

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