Moving characters past loaded map ?

I have been working on learning Epic Table now that I have purchased it... my free time is sporadic. Anyway, I placed a map in the main window of Epic Table. Added some characters. Moved them all the way across the loaded map.

Now, I need to move them into another area, and another map part. The scroll bars are all the way over with no map left to move them to.

Do I need to remove the old map, and load the new one, the place the characrter icons on the side they just entered ? Or can the scroll window area be increased in size ?

Thanks !


  • Here's what I do. I use a separate map for each encounter area. I don't try to track the characters as they move through every part of setting. I think it gets fiddly and focuses the players' attention on the map instead of the space in their imaginations. I have a map ready for each encounter or area of tactical interest, and when I need it, I load that map. If I have characters in separate locations, I use different maps in different tabs. It also saves a lot of scrolling around. Does any of that help, or am I missing your point?
  • Hello John,

    I didn't think of that. I saw the scroll bars and thought I was missing on how to move them to load the rest of the map.

  • Let me make sure that we're on the same page. If you use an image for a map background--like an image that you pull from a PDF or create with a map making program or something--the scrollbars will let you scroll across the whole image. (The one known exception is a bug several versions ago that prevented that in some situations, but there are no known issues with scrolling these days.) If you're using a texture, the map it limited rather arbitrarily to 5000x5000 pixels (100x100 grid squares, by default). I don't think you're talking about that because "rest of the map" implies to me that there's something else to see. If you haven't already, check out these articles from the user guide:
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