Combat Trackers Part 2: Virtual Tabletops / Face-to-Face Games

In my last post, I discussed combat trackers, particularly the GameMastery Combat Pad . In this post, I'll look at combat tracking for virtual tabletops. [View original post]


  • I with you when it comes to wandering around the table and interacting more closely with the minis and battlemat in face-to-face games. The group that I DM plays in my basement. I sit at the head of the table (in my computer chair with wheels), with my back to my desktop PC (with nice 22" widescreen display). Before the game, as part of my prep work, I place files I might need on the desktop. These generally include artwork and, in the case of the Pathfinder adventure path, the PDF of the current scenario. At a moment's notice, I can swivel around and bring up an image of an NPC or a locale or a puzzle, along with playing music, looking up rules in the SRD online and so forth. This setup seems to be working quite well so far.
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