Any news?

It's been very quiet - no Forum postings, no Blog posts, no Videos - for months. I hope you're okay, John. And I hope that the silence is due to EpicTable development taking up all of your free time! :)

Best wishes for great health!


  • Hi admutt,
    I'm still alive!

    Here's a little something about my psychological make-up that I should work on: I'm really, really bad about talking about EpicTable unless I have something new and cool to show. And the self-defeating part about it is that as time passes, it has to be newer and cooler, or I feel like "you broke the silence for *that*?". I know, intellectually, that's not how social media works, but I have a hard time working past it.

    So, I have had a big upheaval in my day job, and that's taken a lot of time away from EpicTable. It's become marginally better of late, or at least my pent up EpicTable energy has started to overwhelm it, and I'm getting more done on EpicTable 2 in recent days. Here's what I'll do. I have this feature--it's not a big or stunning feature, so I haven't written about it, but it's what I'm working on right now. It's important. It's part of A Thing. But it's underwhelming by itself--thus, the not writing. However, in the interest of convincing people that rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated, I'll write a blog post about it tomorrow. That gives me tonight to evaluate what I can show about it and think about how to explain why it matters.

    Thanks for reviving me.
    - John
  • Good to hear from you!

    You are by no means the only developer who succumbs to long silences on projects - it seems to be more the norm than not. I've seen many websites where the last "still in development" comments/posts are dated 2 or more YEARS ago! Are those projects dead? Or are they actually still "in development?" Who knows?? As a potential consumer, I tend to shy away from those projects.

    But, however long it takes, I'm still looking forward to getting my bits and bytes on ET2.0!
  • That looks super-useful! Personally, I don't enjoy having to use a third piece of software just to edit the size of all those images I've downloaded - being able to do that directly in ET2 will be a relief!
  • Agreed. It's not something you can't do without help from ET, but it slows you down, having to fire up an image editor, especially if you're not on your usual computer or if you're winging it and pulling in a resource you haven't prepped. Can't tell you how many times I've been frantically working in an editor to pull in something I'd not expected. Having the ability to do the basics--crop, rotate, flip, and resize--right inline as I'm selecting an image is something I know will save me time. I should mention that EpicTable won't modify your original image, so you don't have to worry about that. Also, the thing about going back to the same starting directory for each type of resource (map, portrait, token, handout, etc) is really key for me. That's been a long-standing irritant for me because I do my prep by throwing my candidate images into subdirectories like that under a directory for my game. So having the file selector start in the last place is often not what I want. It's a minor thing, but it's bothered me, just a little, every time, for a long time.
  • Hi John, nice to see you come out of your lair to show a new tidbit. I totally understand not wanting to over hype and under deliver. But I think you may be under estimating how cool these little bits and pieces may be to us. For instance, the image edit tool is VERY useful and convenient. Not everyone has image editing apps or skills, so these "simple" tools are really valuable. I'm glad to see this function and am looking forward to seeing more.

    Let's go 2.0! :smile:
  • I must say, that image selection tool looks like it will be very useful! As it is now, I spend quite some time prepping my images for the game, and hoping and praying that I've covered all my bases. That leads to a lot of time 'wasted' on paths not taken by the players, time that can be better spend on other endeavors.
    I completely understand the reluctance to post stuff that 'might not be all that important'. But look at it this way, for us users of Epic Table, there is no 'bad feature', there are only features we will use more or less often than others - ALL of them are good!
    Keep up the good work! My gaming wouldn't exist without ET, and I am really looking forward to see what you do with 2.0. Everything you've shown us so far is truly EPIC!
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