d10 v d100? and other questions.

First, while running a session, I don't usually use d100. However, I've recently found that the d100 and d10 use the same shape 'die' and when a 1-9 are rolled, both the d10 and d100 show the single digit. in short, there is no visual difference between a 9 on a d10, and 9 on a d100. Just a minor point actually.

Second, a question about mini-sheets: When I DM a game, I might have a single NPC card representing a 'type' of adversary, say 'orcish axe wielders'. I'll then 'pull' several POGs out on to the map, each representing an individual axe wielder, but each based on the same NPC card. The question is, will the mini-sheets be unique for each POG, or are they tied to the NPC card?

Finally, one more question. Will there be the ability to put animated GIF images on a tabletop/map? I'm beginning to experiment with short (1-3 sec) animated GIFs as play aides, and was wondering if that will be possible in 2.0.

Thanks for all the work you do with EpicTable, it has been such a tremendous boon to my gaming group and myself! Being roughly 1,000 miles from them, it makes gaming a whole lot easier - I couldn't imagine the commute every Saturday night otherwise!


  • Great to hear from you again. The d10 and the d100 use the same shape. (They do in real life too.) As for the single digit, I cheated a little. In real life, a d100 is two dice, one with 10, 20, 30,.. and one with 1, 2, 3... In EpicTable, through the magic of extra-dimensional spaces, it's one die with 100 sides.

    Mini-sheets and "type" adversaries, such as your "orcish axe wielders". My plan is to number the pogs when you do that. As for their sheets, they can almost share one sheet, but things like hitpoints vary by individual. I haven't written this yet, but I'd guess that just as each one gets its own token, copied from the original, each would get its own mini-sheet. That way, you define it once, but when it's put down, it's a unique instance copied from the original.

    Not sure about animated gifs. I've been experimenting with video. If I'm really lucky, the same approach would work for gifs.

    Finally, thanks for your kind words. It's the kind of thing that keeps me answering emails at 3:15 am on a Friday night!
  • I think I probably mis-explained my concern with d10/d100. What happened in the session was that I told a player to roll d100. The d10-shaped-die came up '9', and I told him, 'no, d100, not d10', and he replied that it was a d100. I trust my players, but in the back of my mind flashed the question, 'how can I tell?'. Would it be difficult to make the d10 rolls of 1 to 9 show as 1-9, and the d100 rolls to show as 01-09? Just wondering, and as I said, it's an extremely minor issue for me. More nit-picking than anything, sorry 'bout that.

    As for the Mini-sheets, what you explain is EXACTLY what I was hoping for, and will make gaming and bookkeeping a battle even easier. I occasionally like to throw a whole bunch of 'mooks' against my PCs and let them fight back to back, and give them the feel of mowing down an entire army of evil adversaries. It's fun for them, but keeping track of the mooks can be challenging.

    All animated gifs is, for me, is a 'oh, that's cool' moment for the players. It's waaay down on the list of things I'd like to see. I'm very excited about the mini-sheets, the new chat, and the game objects. Those alone make ET more than worthy of an upgrade to level 2.
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