GenCon 2008 Trip Report

[IMG=alignLeft][/IMG]GenCon 2008 was earlier this month, and I thought I'd share some impressions of the convention for those who didn't make it. Realityforge didn't exhibit this year, since EpicTab... [View original post]


  • Re-reading this, it sounds a bit harsh. To be fair, for all I know, the big guys like WotC and Paizo had their game designers there as well. However, it's true that their booths were more like mall stores than opportunities to chat with the designers. If the designers were there, they weren't as readily identifiable and available as the folks at The Forge, Ashcan Front, Rogue Games, etc. Maybe that's unavoidable. Maybe at a certain size, you can't play the small/indie card anymore, and you have to go upscale to get the attention necessary to fuel a company of that size. But it does give the indie guys the ability to create a much better experience for people interested in their games, and a lot of these guys did exactly that.
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