Yetian Inspiration

I've always had a certain fondness for the yeti, who along Bigfoot/Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster, rounds out the "Big Three" cryptozoological creatures. Living in the Himalayas,... [View original post]


  • This would be great for a short campaign of Spirit of the Century, or even Savage Worlds.
  • My thoughts exactly--the whole Yeti/Himalayan expedition thing would work well for a pulp campaign. Do something horrible with the Yetis (yeti cultists?),mix in a little Ithaqua to taste, and you've got a Mythos game.
  • If you run it, I'll do the art and maps.
  • How can I turn that down? I'm in, if you're serious. Anyone interested in coming up with the adventure? I feel compelled to try to pull together an EpicTable beta, which will likely make me short-change the adventure. Not participating in the creation of a Mythos adventure involving yetis might just kill me, but I'd gladly accept some help. System? I've been wanting to try Spirit of the Century or Trail of Cthulhu or Delta Green, but I'm willing to try anything....
  • Any commercial (or free, for that matter) VT can benefit from a sample adventure of some sort. Perhaps this could be it for EpicTable.
  • We could always use my new FATE/d20 mash up: Twenty Sides of Fate, which merges a simplified d20 mechanic with FATE's fate points, aspects, skills, and character creation. I'm still writing it up, but I'll likely make some headway this weekend. My goal is an easy to digest system that is under five pages. This will provide the players and GM with a system that doesn't bog down with online play.

    We could also use my "Two-page System" which has the benefit of being two pages.

    I'll volunteer for the adventure creation committee, and meanwhile, I guess I'll start doing research and drawings.
  • I'm pretty open with respect to system, and if it showcases the game system of one of the forum members, all the better.

    What about setting? You could go lots of different ways with yetis and the Himalayas. Pulp 20s, modern, .... I'd personally like to stay away from fantasy, just for the sake of change.
  • I assumed pulp 20s from the get-go.

    I'd be happy to design a system that would take advantage of EpicTable's then it would be a true demo adventure.
  • Just found this site with several cool yeti links:
  • Hey John,

    I'm going to assume the following (let me know if you disagree):

    • one-shot, designed for a 2-3 hour session

    • pre-gen characters

    • the system should take showcase the major features of Epic Table

    • the system should be intuitive and teachable within around 15 minutes

  • Agreed. On all points. (Nice to have you back on the forum.)
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