Enter, the DM

Hey, I'm Takkei. Long time DM but considering I am moving a few hours away from my group, I went looking for a solution... And here I am! EpicTable seems very promising compared to most that I've tried out. Battlegrounds is good but some players have an issue with learning it and the licensing for it (and let's bring up Fantasy Grounds too) are a bit unnecessary IMO.

The way I run my games is usually balancing RP with combat while at the same time planning how I will kill the party during a campaigns endgame... But it's not like I make impossible encounters or anything. I don't stack the odds either.

Well, I am going to go play around with the trial for a bit.

I think I'm gonna like it here...


  • Welcome, TakkeI.

    I'm the creator of EpicTable. Let me know if you have any questions. There are videos at http://support.EpicTable.com to help get you started.

    -- John
  • After playing with the trial a bit, I really like it. I think it is going to be the best thing for the group when I move.
  • Glad to hear it. Your situation is exactly why I created EpicTable. It's great when someone finds it useful in keeping their game together.
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