Having a Saved Map Reset

Hi John,

I run demos repeatedly with Epic Table and sometimes the game gets pretty wild with tokens and drawing all over the place. It would be great if there was a way to reset the map for the next game or un-save all of the stuff I did during the current game so I wouldn't have to manually reset for the next game.

It may be helpful for people to have progress save points for their maps and this would be similar to that.


  • Agreed. That would be helpful. I'd use it all the time during demos. Actually, I'd thought about implementing it, but thought I was the only one who would use it so I didn't want to take time to do it or clutter the interface with things only I wanted.
  • Apologies for the thread necro!

    Has this been implemented?

    This feature would be super useful for convention GMs who run the same scenarios multiple times over the same day/convention or over multiple conventions.

    Even just a "Copy Map" or "Copy Campaign" option would be useful.

    Aside: Is there a way to switch Game Rooms without closing down EpicTable and restarting it?
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