Cannot get invite codes, also seem to be locked out of the support site

Been trying to invite a new player to my game, and it refuses to give me an invite code. The window opens, but instantly closes before it shows me what the invite code is. I've been trying to access the support site, but it says I can't be authenticated.


  • Hmm... I've not seen that issue with invitations. Could you run Collect Diagnostics and send me the result, please? If you need help, there's an article here:

    Meanwhile, from a support perspective:
    First off, you can always find help at
    Second, I'll see whether there's anything amiss with the support site. I'm sure you're aware that the credentials you have there aren't necessarily the credentials you use here, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.
    -- John

  • Well, I've learned something about this invitation issue. My hosting provider migrated my web services to a new server and neither told me nor got everything hooked back up correctly. I'm working through this with them now (after some initial "you must have a virus" craziness from their tech support).
  • Looks like the hosting company has this all sorted out. Sorry for the interruption.
  • You're correct. The support site is currently in an odd state. I'm working on getting that resolved asap.
  • This invite code issue has started happening again for some reason
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