• How's it coming? *He says in the least unintentionally demanding voice*
  • Fine! Just fine! *He says in the least unintentionally defensive voice.*

    Ha. No, really, it's coming along. I've had some day-job things steal some cycles from me, and I have some developer-angst about showing stuff that looks farther along than it is...and stuff that's farther along than it looks. I know I need to just write a "here's where I am update". You guys have never been anything but supportive. I'll give you a super-brief sketch here, because you asked, and then I'll write a fuller update no later than this weekend. *He promises, not crossing his fingers or anything.*

    I'm working on three things at the moment:
    1. My cloud-based source control system is becoming rather abruptly non-free, and cheap as it sounds, I'm moving to to keep my costs down. This is a matter of a couple nights, not weeks of work, so no big deal.

    2. I'm getting the newly (the main game window and all its panels) working and fully loading every aspect of the game. This is part of completing my conversion of EpicTable to WPF for Good Reasons, which I'll probably details in a post.

    3. I'm getting the character sheet builder working. This one is actually fun and exciting in that it's totally new, but it's way, way cooler underneath than you can tell by looking at it, which has led to my delaying posting about it because it requires a leap of imagination for you to be as excited about it as I am, and I want you to be as excited about it as I am. Right now, it looks like scaffolding--and it is--but the exciting thing is that I can see how the scaffolding is going to enable me to support some really powerful capabilities.

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    Sounds great! I remember the discussions about the character sheets and potential features. Looking forward to hearing more about it.
  • This all sounds really cool! Also saw your preview of animated backgrounds ... nice teaser! Looking forward to all the new toys to play with! (really, I have . and , on my keyboard, but I just seem to press ! all the time here!)!
  • I appeciate your enthusiasm. (I mean !)
  • Yeah John. Honestly. For a one man team you are exceptional. If I knew anything about programming I would offer my help. I moved away from my friends about 2 years ago. We have no real way to rp anymore, and we're all excited about this new update. Don't be afraid to ask for help, some people might be able to help you with some stuff.

    It's nice when people have passion in their work, the product comes out better. I hope this gets bigger, or at least future endeavors if nothing else.

    Thanks for the info ^_^, and good luck!
  • Yes, please, more Hype!
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