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  • That looks super-useful! Personally, I don't enjoy having to use a third piece of software just to edit the size of all those images I've downloaded - being able to do that directly in ET2 will be a relief!
    in Any news? Comment by admutt November 6
  • Good to hear from you! You are by no means the only developer who succumbs to long silences on projects - it seems to be more the norm than not. I've seen many websites where the last "still in development" comments/posts are dated 2 or more YEARS…
    in Any news? Comment by admutt November 5
  • Yes, please, more Hype!
  • -- so much amazing artwork! I tend to use google to look for specific things and go to the "images" results.
  • Another benefit to using a tabletop for Destiny Point tracking; rules text! Yes, I put a small chart of reminders underneath the main image so that all my players could glance down and see just what Destiny Tokens can be used for. Particularly great…
  • I think it depends on how each of us has their interface set up; for instance, we might have the portrait bar hidden (maybe because we're not using a map for that session or just want more screen real estate?). Same goes for the object tree; depend…
  • Session two saw us using a different interface for Destiny Tokens: a Tabletop with a Background image showing Light and Dark on which we just placed some stones from the Items menu. Being able to drag the Tabletop off to one side and resize it, plu…
  • Okay, so here's something I had to figure out how to make work in the current version of EpicTable: Destiny Points. I ended up creating a .png that merged both sides of the token -- the dark side on the lower half and the light side on the upper ha…
  • Will these also be available off the Chat interface as well? Specifically, will it be accessible from the tabs we use to speak for various characters?
  • Waiting is the hardest part! We'll just have to watch this demo over and over and over and over ...
  • Apologies for the thread necro! Has this been implemented? This feature would be super useful for convention GMs who run the same scenarios multiple times over the same day/convention or over multiple conventions. Even just a "Copy Map" or "Copy …