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  • I would have played as well but I havnt been visiting this site as often and didnt see this post. I signed up to play two games and the people running the games (and making the posts) just never responded even after people wanted to play- Hence I k…
  • I would give it a spin- Been looking to try to find a virtual tabletop game (so far- no luck) because I, too, am in a similar situation of my gaming group scattering across the Nation. I have never played gurps- But am a long time RPGer and am…
    in GURPS Comment by DarKPenguiN April 2012
  • Is there still the potential for a game?
  • I would love to give it a try. However, I have read about 1/3 of that Adventure Path book. I am a very Old School RPG'er who has essentially been on a "gaming hiatus" since 2nd ed was still King- Just picked up Pathfinder and am seriously impre…