zWolf zWolf
I don't know if many of you will be interested, but, if you have ever wanted to dabble in the 3D Model realm, this is a stellar deal.

The profesional Versions of DAZ Bryce and Hexagon, are being given away for a short time...

I heard that the window was 5 days, and I found out about it on Monday... sooo... the close draws nigh.

Here is the link to the DAZ3D home page where it will say big and bold 'FREE' if it doesn't say that, most likely you missed it. Sorry I forgot to post here for so long!

here is the link:


I have Just started with the program, but I'm already loving the results...

here is a link to the piece I worked on today. I moved it into Photo Shop for some colors.

one of my first DAZ 3D Efforts
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John Lammers John Lammers
That looks like an amazing deal. Where can I get the Artistic Talent module to go with it? I'll bet that's extra. I downloaded them anyway, in the hopes I can pickup Artistic Talent affordably someday. Thanks for posting.
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RedFin RedFin
Fantastic, thanks for posting Wade.

I'm sad to say though that it took two readings of John's post to get it ...


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SaintlyCat SaintlyCat
Awesome...a new digital toy. I appreciate the post and passing on the link. Now, I have to find the time to play with it. Thanks for giving me one more thing to dive into!
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zWolf zWolf
You Bet. I have 'dabbled' a bit... I'd have done more, but I pretty much dedicated this weekend to moving our companies web site from a 'tables based' format to a 'css' format... no small undertaking, seeing as how my knowledge when starting was WOEFULLY inadequate.... Thank goodness for You Tube, and people that like to show off their knowledge with free tutorials! :-P

but that wasn't the purpose of my post... I can tell that my second night of little to no sleep has turned on my 'inability' to filter 'ramble mode', sigh.

anyway... DAZ 3D, I'd most definitely have spent more time with it... here are a couple of my sample works...

My first 'stab' at throwing things on the ground and making a render...

The next one I took more time with, but... I was not good (AT ALL) with messing with model poses... soooo, I after pining the heck out him so he woudn't move, I spent 45 mins or so getting his hand wrapped around that there sword... at the end of the day, I really don't like his pose - (seems kinda 'girly' to me.)

BUT, I do like the post work I did in Photoshop... coloring the walls, and adding some textures n such things.... here it is:

Then I did a one with a guy standing in sort of a 'town square' area... I played with the pose a bit on this one. The one I'm working on now, is pretty much this same scene, I'm working the 'pose' still, and changed out some of the cloths. so the next one will be pretty much the same as this one... once I get time to get back to DAZ. heh.

Public Speach:

The back ground is from a picture I took of the oregon coast... I liked how that part turned out, heh.

I don't know about you, but I can see TONS of use for this in a VTT game. Hand outs.. Settings, the imagination goes wild!

ok... seriously, I slept from 8 am yesterday, till 1 something (5 Hours,) and have been up, since then... so, 24 hours in just over an hour from now.

N seriously, now the web site is still in the same 'unfinished' state that it was in for the last year and a half... only NOW, it's in CSS - yay!

oh... and every thing is based off of a Template, so THAT has made the 'actuall' page creation go oh, so, much smoother!

here's the 'taste' a few more days of this n I'll actually have the content filled in! :-P

The only content that's there so far... is the Crack Seal Pages, and the Seal coat page... oh, and the 'about' page. those the Index page, and the Template, is all I got done this weekend... sigh... (but my CSS Fu has gone up, Gracias ah Sense YouTube-a-san.) :-P G'night fellow warriors!

zWolf (Wade -out)
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