Canisrufus Canisrufus
Hi all, new here so I figured I would jump right in. Most of my high school buddies have gone off all over the country, so I have missed out on curing my tabletop itch. I have looked all over the Internet for a viable tabletop system and this seemed the most intriguing. Now for the nitty gritty:

I am really trying to gauge interest for a GURPS campaign. I am old school and would like to GM a third edition campaign. The rules for those unfamiliar are available in a lite pdf edition from the Steve Jackson games site. I live in Arizona, so I'm currently in the Pacific time zone. It would be in the evening on some week day. Let me know if you have any questions:D
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Brennen Reece Brennen Reece

I've never played GURPS. Would you be willing to run a one-shot/demo?
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Galeric Galeric
I would play some GURPS, been far to long.

What setting you thinking ?

I am as well, west coast and could prolly bring 3 women to the game, depending upon time and day.
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DarKPenguiN DarKPenguiN
I would give it a spin- Been looking to try to find a virtual tabletop game (so far- no luck) because I, too, am in a similar situation of my gaming group scattering across the Nation.

I have never played gurps- But am a long time RPGer and am sure I could learn the rules easily should this game come together.
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David David
Did you guys ever get this going? I'm new here as well, but looking to get back into GURPS (used to play way back in the day with first edition).
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