zWolf zWolf
Say, I'm curious... I know that many of those that visit this site either have face to face games, or play via virtual table top on a regular basis...

I'm curious as to how often my fellow ET'rs play RPG's.

I used to have regular games 3 times a week, (for a little while, 4) but it's back to just 2 games on Saturday (one in the morning and one in the evening.) oh.. and I guess I Started a Sunday night game I'd best not forget about that either heh.. so.. ya, I guess I'm still at 3. heh.

anyway, what's the average for you?

how often do you get together to play?

Is it mostly 'once a week' kind of games, or do you meet less / more frequently?

Do you play the same System with different people? or different systems?

Thanks for playing, I find it fun to know what my fellow gamers do. ('i'll answer in a reply - but I'm gonna grab some shut eye first.)
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Murgh Bpurn Murgh Bpurn
I GM a Fantasy Grounds Savage Worlds Laundry game on Mondays (missed the last few due to not enough players), a Fantasy Grounds Savage Worlds "Dungeon A Day" game on alternate Saturdays and I play in a Fantasy Grounds D&D 3.5e game on alternate Wednesdays. Ooh, and mustn't forget the Epic Table Jaws of the Six Serpents game on Sundays!
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Velgor Velgor
I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum from you. I play about once every two weeks on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I started playing again about 2.5 years ago after many many years on hiatus. I met a new group via and decided, what the heck, might as well try it and see how things go.

It went quite well and we just recently finished our first campaign arc. We are now gearing up for a new campaign. Some will be using their previous characters, and others, my self included, will be starting new ones.

It is my hope to be able to play more often via EpicTable since other gamer friends now live in other states and it'd also be easier to quickly put together a game on the spur of the moment if we just have to log in.

I'm looking to play FGU's Aftermath! system as well as trying D&D 4e in my group's new campaign.
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Murgh Bpurn Murgh Bpurn
Velgor;1995 wrote:

I'm looking to play FGU's Aftermath!

My first purchase and system that I GMed
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John Lammers John Lammers
Recent EpicTable work has me pretty time-constrained. I'm part of an online group that was playing weekly, but recently, it's been monthly at best. I just started up an online/face-to-face game that meets twice a month. I sort of feel like I don't have time to play, but every time I play, I learn something about EpicTable that I didn't know (or know well enough) as its developer.
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Velgor Velgor
Murgh Bpurn;1998 wrote: My first purchase and system that I GMed

Really? That's cool! D&D was the first system that I bought and GM'd, but Aftermath! was second. For a while it was the main system that we played.

FGU just recently released a brand new adventure module for Aftermath! as well has having a few new source books in the last couple of years. More is planned as well.
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djc664 djc664
I run a Pathfinder game bi-weekly on Sunday, but this next session is cancelled due to half my group being on vacation with their families. It's been slow going, but we seem to be picking up some steam lately. We'll see if it keeps up.

I've been trying to get some non-local friends together to play Dresden Files, Mouse Guard or Pathfinder over ET to give it a better session testing, but it's been really hard with my 4-month old daughter to find the time that's not at my wife's expense. :/
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Galtran Galtran
Depends on the time of the year. Usually at least once a month but no more than once a week.
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Jan van Leyden Jan van Leyden
I'm currently running one campaign (D&D 4e in Monte Cook's Ptolus) every three weeks. This group exists since '03, the campaign runs since '08.

Next Sunday I restart my children's campaign (four children from 9-13 years old). It'll hopefully run every other Sunday afternoon.

We started with Murgh's Jaws campaign, which will hopefully offer me the chance to enjoy the player role for a long, long time.

I also intend to start an Epic Table game using OSRIC/AD&D rules. This should run every other Monday.

Wow, I've never been so busy roleplaying in my entire life! Let's see how this unfolds.


Jan van Leyden
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zircher zircher
Thought I'd do a little thread necromancy action...

After discovering Skype and people using it for gaming, I took the plunge and now I'm in two to four games a week (one FtF and the others via Skype.) However, there are a few limits with Skype gaming so I'm looking for online gaming aids such as Epic Table and trying to see if it will for my gaming group(s).


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Barton Barton
I currently have many games.

I play in a Hero System Champions game, Fantasy Hero game and in a Star Hero game. The Star Hero game is play by mail.

I GM a Pulp Hero game, a Champions game and soon a Teen Champions game.

The games I GM I try for once a month. The FTF group I hang out with is every two weeks, we rotate GM's.
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KingFrog KingFrog
We get together for a noon-11pm D&D 3.5 game about once a month. I'm also running a Mongoose Publishing Traveller game that meets for about 5 hours a shot, about once every two weeks.
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