Allen Allen
Anyone ever thought about using EpicTable to play a game like Warhammer? It seems lie it would work great and save a lot of cash not buying miniatures and having to paint them. My wife would like it better than having to take over the dining room all day too.
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Brennen Reece Brennen Reece
EpicTable can be used to play all sorts of games, not just RPGs. I've been toying with the idea of creating a "bits" kit for checkers, chess, go, chinese checkers, backgammon, et cetera. I think we could probably already play games like Samurai and Carcasonne.

Once cards are implemented, we'll be able to play tons of Eurogames.

Maybe we should nudge John into making a spinner as well.

(Sometimes even I can't tell when I'm kidding.)
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John Lammers John Lammers
What kind of card support would you need? Normal playing cards or custom cards?
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