Machination Machination
Hey there!

Long time stalker, first time poster. I've recently developed a curiosity for two-GM campaigns, and how they might work. Has anyone ever played or heard of a tabletop game with more than one GM simultaneously?

My search so far has been fruitless and frustrating, so perhaps some of the experts here may have heard of such a thing.

If you have, how did it operate? I imagine that both GMs would be leading different parties, and that while both parties are separate, they would nonetheless be acting in the same shared world, and would perhaps cross paths occasionally. That's just how I envision it, but I'm dying to know if there's already something like what I want out there.


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John Lammers John Lammers
Hi Machination!

Glad you've emerged from the shadows (and my apologies for the time this message spent in the moderation queue--I'll put you in the "John Knows You're Human" group).

I've run multi-GM games--but in my case, that was 2 GMs at the same table, with the same group, so we could divide responsibilities and keep things flowing smoothly. What you're describing sounds like a tabletop take on a shared persistence world, which is kind of a cool idea. I've not done that, though. I'd be interested in whether anyone else has.
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Kelarith Kelarith

I'm currently working on something just like that. It's still in its infancy, but the other GM and I are busily crafting the world and some of its inhabitants. Once we get everything set up, we'll be sure to let you know when we start accepting players.

In the meantime if you have questions, you can always send me a private message here.

And of course we'll be using ET as the tabletop to bring everyone together around.
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Brennen Reece Brennen Reece
My friends John and Terry run a 2 GM game where John handles the "world" (mechanics) and Terry handles the NPCs.
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RobHata RobHata
Hope I'm not resurrecting a zombie but here goes ...

I'm a long time gamer and been involved in several 'multiple DM' campaigns. They were long term story arcs in persistant, dynamic worlds. Each player had a 'stable' of characters that could move from group to group as logic dictated, and each GM had their NPC stable. Sometimes NPCs crossed over, but there was a general, unspoken rule "this NPC belongs to this DM, do not fold/spindle/mutilate". It was usually done to 'cross pollinate' knowledge if no other means was available.

Each DM had their own plots, sometimes they crossed over on to the same turf, sometimes not.

Honestly, those were some of the funnest campaigns I've been involved in, both DMing and Playing. Oh ... when a DM is not DMing, they are a player, with their own stable of PCs, or sometimes playing from their stable of NPCs. In some cases, the line between NPC and PC became blurred.

Hope that helps as a short response...
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