Hi! I am out here looking for a new program to run a VTT. I already own Fantasy Grounds, d20pro, Battlegrounds all of the NBOS software, Campaign Cartographer, and about ten other programs. Yeah - I try a lot of things. :-)

I have just found EpicTable and am looking at it. I (about six months ago) became a patreon of Foundry VTT and really like their lighting and wall blocking part of the software. Lighting is not hard. Brightest at center, has a radius of main light, second radius of half light, then out. (In my opinion it should be full-half-quarter-out - but that is just me.) And the walls blocking everything is really nice also. Epic has a different way to handle visibility which is (to me) unusual but looks like it works. Should Epic decide to change how it works I would suggest what is already used but using different colors for things like doors, secret doors, one-way views, and so on. In this way - you really are not making any new kind of a thing. You are just expanding upon what you already have.

Ok - answer to the fog-in-fog problem. The answer is simple. As someone who used to work at NASA and who had to come up with hundreds of ideas on how to do things there - the answer is : Cut up the area into smaller areas and have it that way. So if you wanted a square inside of a square you just make the SMALLER square and then make trapezoids going around it to the size of the larger square. If you are good - you might even be able to just make two areas. A larger square with a hole in it and the smaller square. :-) I know - easy-peeze - right? Or "We've already thought of that" kind of an answer - well - why not remake the video and SHOW how it is done then? Rather than presenting it as something you can't figure out. :-)

Anyway, I am looking at Epic Table to see if I want to buy it or not. I am trying to set up my game in it. The videos have helped a lot so far. I get paid again by Social Security next week and will decide by then to buy the product or not. However, it does contain a LOT of the things I was thinking of writing myself so - any program that can handle a lot of what I want - well - why write your own program then? :-)
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