zWolf zWolf
I was just going to do a cheesy 'FIRST' post - but, figured what the helk, I really DO want to get a weekly (or by monthly) Pathfinder group put together to run via Epic Table, so I might as well do this 'first' post right.

System: Pathfinder.

Adventure Setting:

Fantasy, yes to Dwarvs, Elves, and Gnomes - Swords and Sorcery... no to laser beams, or Hover Craft, and Tanks.

The actual adventure will take place on the continent of Golarion(Pathfinders main campaign setting,) in the province of Ustalav, (kind of like Ravenloft in D&D terms,) the back page 'splat' of the Adventure path reads like this:

"Haunting of Harrowstone"

by Michael Kortes

When Harrowstone Prison burned to the ground, prisoners, guards, and a host of vicious madmen met a terrifying end. In the years since, the nearby town of Ravengro has shunned the fire-scarred ruins, telling tales of unquiet spirits that wander abandoned cellblocks. But when a mysterious evil disturbs Harrowstone’s tenuous spiritual balance, a ghostly prison riot commences that threatens to consume the nearby village in madness and flames. Can the adventurers discover the secrets of Harrowstone and quell a rebellion of the dead? Or will they be the spirit-prison’s next inmates?

It's Chapter one of Six in this Adventure path, and I imagine Each Chapter would take 6 to 12 sessions to get through, depending on the group. if, completed, the Adventure path should take players from level 1 to level 17, using the 'medium' advancement track.

Player Skill level Requirements:

I will gear this as a 'no role playing experience required' game, as I have a couple of remote friends that I think fit that category that I'd love to see play. If you ARE an experienced player, your requirements would be that you need to be patient with, or better yet, enjoy, helping new players learn how to play.

Schedule Requirements:

my preference is to run this on Thursday nights, between 8 and 11 GMT -7 (that's MST for those in the US of A) That said, if you'd 'really' like to play, and that time doesn't fit, let me know what time would work for you. Other potential times would be Sunday Afternoon / Evening - Tuesday or Wednesday nights 8 ish to 11 ish GMT -7 So post your interest if any of those times fit, and whether you'd like it to be a weekly game, or once every other week, ( I may consider once a month... but would prefer at least every other week.)

Current Open Slots: I like running games with 4 players, that's what the adventures are geared for, AND I like the pacing between turns, when combat starts. That said, life is what life is, and it's fairly regular for people to have things come up where they may have to miss a session. I have found that with 6 Players in a group, I rarely fall below 4 players on any given night. As a personal note, I'll always run a game as long as at least 3 people show up to play. so bottom line is, a hard cap at 6 players. And some of those slots will be filled with friends of mine, (I hope)

Application requirements?: Since this adventure will include beginners, I won't require a completed Character, (though character concepts would be appreciated and welcome.) Instead just post your interest here and we will go from there.

Once we establish who and when we will play, we will most likely start a thread in one of the other forums specifically for our game, or we may use obsidian portal for our groups communication.

Other Requirements:

you will need a computer that can run Epic Table, and if you want to speak, a Head Set and willingness to use it at least to listen in to those that don't wish to type.

you won't be required to speak if you really don't want to. Epic Table is designed so that a game could run completely via the Text Chat - though my personal preference is to use voice chat to help facilitate the play.

We will use either Ventrillo or Mumble as the chat client. (both Free downloads.) So you will need at least a head set and a Mike would be helpful (please note if you know that you don't plan on speaking during play.)

There also needs to be some commitment to show up at the agreed upon session once we start. If it becomes evident that you'll not be able to make it regularly, work with me so that I can back fill the position - perhaps using you as a 'visiting' character on the weeks that your able to show up.

Resources One nice thing about Pathfinder, is the 'free to use' Pathfinder Reference Document, which has almost every thing that you need to play, available for free! (how cool is that eh?) It can be found here:

Pathfinder Reference Document (the Rules of the Game)

here is a link to various Character sheets that you can use:

Pathfinder Character sheets.

So, next step? Post here that you are interested!

I'll try to keep a tally of when the group fills, (if it fills,) how many of my RL friends, that I have been tempting with tales of 'remote play' RPG's actually commit to the regular game, and how many slots are open. We can also use this thread as a place to recruit 'back up' players, so even if the group of six fills up, post here - so that if anyone drops out we can contact you to see if your interested in taking the spot.

Thanks! I've been looking forward to this for a long time!

I don't anticipate starting actual play sessions till at least the 3rd week in February 2012. We'll see if this all comes together quicker, we may start earlier.
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Galeric Galeric
Have not played Pathfinder but would like to give it a go, however running two games a week... Let me think about this, and i get back to ya. You have me very interested.
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DarKPenguiN DarKPenguiN
I would love to give it a try. However, I have read about 1/3 of that Adventure Path book.

I am a very Old School RPG'er who has essentially been on a "gaming hiatus" since 2nd ed was still King- Just picked up Pathfinder and am seriously impressed with the system and am itching to try it (which is what brought me here). I am still a noob concerning the rules and have not yet read the Core Book cover to cover (I have selectively read parts of Core, Ultimate Magic,Combat and the Advanced Players guide) - But have experience in "Role Playing" as a whole and should be able catch on rather quickly (especially considering the system seems be consistent on 'higher is better' concerning Stats- And no THACO type calculations , )

I have never played using a "Virtual Tabletop" but the idea is pretty intriguing and if it is easy enough to use and works well, could really add to the hobby.

-Anyhow, I would love the opportunity to join. Where do I download the tabletop software? I can easily get Vent/TS, have all the Pathfinder rules and am dying to play.


-Also, if your game is filled- Could you consider letting me "lurk" to familiarize myself with the rules- Or possibly "play" one of the NPC's?

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SaintlyCat SaintlyCat
If you still have an opening for another player, I am interested as well. I would consider myself a veteran player, who plays only occasionally now, mostly due to time constraints. I understand the need to have players who are consistent and committed. I am willing to commit to a weekly (or bi-weekly) group, if it would be evenings. I really like the 8 to11 GMT -7 time frame...the day of the week does not matter.

I am familiar with Pathfinder rules, but have not played it. I also am new to EpicTable. Playing with other new or veteran players would be no problem. My style of play is fairly group friendly and cooperative. I like to have fun with the role playing elements, while being conscious to not undermine group objectives.

The adventure path sounds awesome. I like scenarios that encorporate mystery or involve trying to figure out the secrets behind the current events.

Again, if you still need another player, I would love to join you. Good luck in getting your group going.
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zWolf zWolf
Thanks for the interest you two. I'm still working hammering out the details - I'll keep you posted on updates here.
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Galeric Galeric
You know what? sign me up for this, would like to learn the system. New to the game but know the concept of course. Pretty much any night but wednesday and thursday nights are good for me.
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DarKPenguiN DarKPenguiN
Is there still the potential for a game?
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Rendrig Rendrig
This sounds exactly like what I've been looking for. I've only played a few tabletop rpgs years ago, but really enjoyed them. Only just found out about Pathfinder, and never played virtual tabletop. I would still consider myself a noob. Has anything started yet?
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Allen Allen
I have been running this for a group of friend using EpicTable has been a blast!!
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Zerrkhar Zerrkhar
I to would like to play please let me know if you have any openings. I'm a will seasoned play and don't mind helping out new people. I am New to Epic table but not to Pathfinder, I have played a few times in the system but I mainly run the game for my friends.
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AngryBirds AngryBirds
Is there any relation with this game on Pathfinder movie?
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