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Yup! Ultimate Combat came out gents, like a seriously long time ago. However! What Ultimate Combat provided was the beauty of advanced firearms. Old Wild West guns. The good old fashioned 45, the lever rifle, and the double barrel shot gun. Wild West campaign? Why the hell not!

So were lookin' for a couple of more cowpokes interested in our game. Now heres some information on the game. Also it's important to note...


Magic level - Almost no magic. There is little to no magic in this setting, that is not to say we won't be fighting supernatural creatures. It's more to say "No. Magic is not common place, and for the most part the general populous doesn't believe it exists". Players will have no access to magical feats, traits, etc. None of the playable classes use magic either. There is a few races however that have some supernatural properties.

Classes - Classes are a bit different this time around. The only paizo original classes allowed are: Gunslinger, and even in that regard there was some changes. The rest of the classes are all home brewed alterations upon existing classes. Some classes require you to be a specific race.

Grit - all Classes receive the "Grit" class feature and gain deeds as a gunslinger. Grit can also be used in more ways than just with your firearms. Grit also is not simply Wisdom based. The stat that chooses your amount of grit points is chosen by you. For example: A Gunslinger may choose Dexterity as their grit modifier.

Races - Almost all races in the game are just variations of humans. The races are based off of the ethnic diversities found in the west. Now before someone decides to bring up a race debate, i'm going to say I refuse to debate whether or not something is "racist". Race ability scores, racial bonuses, and place in society. When this was created through several people we all had an discussion on an intellectual level of what each race had bonuses and weaknesses based upon what they had access to. So it's not racist, it's simply what we felt was accurate, considering the conditions that they lived upon. Every race starts as illiterate, a skill point may be spent to become literate and some races require 2. Other than ethnic variations of humans there exists a supernatural race of Native American called "Skinwalkers". These are Native American shape shifters that use animal hides in order to take on the animals shape. The other non-human race is Chupacabra. These are brutal lizard folk simply fabled by the western population. many doubt their existence. If you have questions on races I'll be more than happy to answer them as long as you keep an open mind and think an intellectual level about it.

Point Buy - 25 Points of pointbuy. Pretty self explanatory.

Money - 1 Platinum = 10 Dollars, 1 Gold = 1 Dollar, 1 Silver Piece = 10 Cents, 1 Copper = 1 Penny. All items cost 10% of their normal price. Magical Goods are not allowed for purchase.

Levels - The game starts at level 2, and everyone is given $1000 as starting cash.

Armor - Armor is limited in the wild west, as of now it's simply: Leather Armor = Leather Chaps, Armored Great Coat = Duster, Hide Armor exists, Light Hide Armor Exists, Ponchos Add a +1 Armor Bonus to AC and can be worn with any armor. So far this is the only armor available, currently armor is a concern for the campaign so if you know of any tougher armor the wild west had, and if you can prove it as well as either provide reasonable stats for it or point out Paizo's own stats for that armor. Our DM will more than likely allow it.

Weapons - Weapon Proficencies are virtually non existent, obviously if there is a weapon that would be very foreign to your character it would be considered exotic (IE. My Character is a wild west vigilante, however since he has no background as a cowboy using a lasso would be weird to him or should my character find a Chupacabras primitive swords, they would be foreign to him as well). Over all though any weapon can be used by anyone as long as it is plausible. Advanced Firearms are allowed, some variations of early firearms can be used to make guns like "Derringer", however you will need to speak to our DM. Otherwise, Advanced Firearms and Simple weapons are at your disposal. Almost no martial weapons allowed, however some weapons that you feel may make sense for your character can be contested for use.

Whats the Roleplay like - Pretty active! The roleplay is a bit lite, however I personally go full on heavy (Everyone else I think is a bit RP shy.... but they'll warm up)

Where is the party at now? - Currently we haven't gotten anywhere, we have only played one game and the one game had no loot, the game also does not give exp. Our DM levels us up as he sees fit (basically after a few sessions eventually comes a level up)

What time does all this happen? - Our games are going to go on for 8 months according to our DM, and this will be held every Saturday night at 7:00 PM US Central. However you should contact us first before just trying to show up on Saturday night.

How do we contact you/theDM/The Group? - We meet on skype as part of our own gaming community called "The Miscreant Mob". The chat room itself is kind of a lounge for us to just talk in. In all honesty, yes we are irritating and we do call a lot. but hey maybe you actually like us folk and wanna talk to us more often. Add Varegess to Skype if interested.

Can I see the homebrew races/Classes? - Yup. Unfortunately I don't have the google docs link on me so I will just post what I have uploaded to mediafire. Also before the criticism, these are hardly homebrewed classes as much as they are altered versions of existing classes to best fit the setting. Some have recieved a lot of change, some have received little to no change.

If you are interested add me on Skype for a quick talk through on it, or if you just have some minor questions you can ask here ill be happy to answer it. I did help write the material for our DM. Sessions last for about 4 hours (last time we played it was only 2 cause OpenRPG fails in comparison to EpicTable)

That's about is so saddle up and head west!
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