Fizban Fizban
Exactly as advertised above, I am going to run a sci-fi game using the Cortex system. The setting is one of my own creation with some obvious and not so obvious inspiration. I already have two players who are friends of mine, I am just looking for some more players. At least two more players, at most 4 more players.

The role within the setting will be a combat rescue team supporting an exploration team who have gotten into trouble, it will start out with some linear combat scenarios to bring players into the setting and then will branch out into a campaign that will be as long or as short as the players would like. There will be an overall story for the players to follow so its not just 'here is the galaxy, go'.

If you're interested then let me know. I would like to keep the same players for the majority of the campaign as this will be my first time in a long while using a VT. The setting can be found at the download link below:

I look forward to gaming with you.
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Irishpunk62 Irishpunk62
I know your post is over a month old, but if you're still looking for people, I'd be interested in playing. I've got the Cortex core rule book. It'll be my first time not only playing Cortex, but using a VT as well. What time are you thinking about playing?
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