Rail Rail
First of all hello and welcome.

I'm going to take this down now, I'm moving on from EpicTable to other systems.
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John Lammers John Lammers
Hi Rail,

I'm the creator of EpicTable, and I'd like to help make your game a success in any way I can. Please feel free to ping me with questions, especially if you're just getting a feel for things like pulling in maps from Pathfinder modules. I'd be happy to bounce ideas around with you--share what worked for me, etc.

-- John
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Rail Rail
Many thanks, I will be sure to get back to you with questions once I've done some experimenting. I appreciate your interest and I will let you know how everything goes.
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Velgor Velgor
Sounds like fun. I'm in the Pacific time zone, so that makes it a little difficult/impossible to get in during the week. However Saturdays could possibly work...
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Rail Rail
Velgor;3232 wrote: Sounds like fun. I'm in the Pacific time zone, so that makes it a little difficult/impossible to get in during the week. However Saturdays could possibly work...

PM me your Skype address (and the display name in case there's more than one - the Skype address I use is much more common than I expected) and I can introduce you to our DM and work out the specifics.

Have you played Pathfinder before? I'm not asking like a job interview, I'm not going to turn you away if you haven't, it just helps me to plan out a fun session if I know how familiar players are with the rules in advance.
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supremesorceress supremesorceress
Rail;3226 wrote: First of all hello and welcome.

Standing invite = If you're interested in joining a group please reply even if this thread is 5 months old. Assume this is open unless I specifically close the thread or announce that it's stopped being open.

If we get a lot of interest, we might end up forming 2 groups playing on different days (with perhaps some players as part of both groups).

Please let us know your availability and your experience if you're interested, and we can arrange something. For an example:

I can do Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 7 PM UK time (2 PM EST), possibly earlier, although would like to finish by 1:30 AM UK time (8:30 PM EST).

I am doing Saturday 5 PM UK time (12 PM EST).

Thursdays are typically a no-go for me. Fridays I could agree on a case-by-case basis.

Long-time roleplayer, although new to EpicTable, but very familiar with Pathfinder or 3.5 D&D.

We are mostly new players so far, so don't fear being rejected if inexperienced, but people who know Pathfinder or 3.5 well enough to handle the spells/abilities will certainly be very helpful.

Multiple campaigns = Quite a few options for interested people. If you want to be a player, join us! If you want to be a DM, join us! Most aspects of play will be fairly negotiable.

Currently we have Skulls & Shackles on Saturdays, 12 PM Eastern time, 5 PM GMT (UK time).

I plan on running the We Be Goblins series (and Too! And Free!), followed by MinionQuest (from Way of the Wicked) = light-hearted short-and-fun adventures as a way for players new to the Pathfinder system to get comfortable with the game.

Later on I am thinking of running Throne of Night – an Underdark/Darklands adventure path – although I want to run it once all the players are more comfortable with the system and rules.

Eventually I hope to play (not run, not DM) Way of the Wicked – an adventure path where the PCs are aspiring evil overlords serving Asmodeus – I can provide the books for the DM (I had to stop reading because it seemed too much fun to not play) but the campaign is clearly designed for a group who is already very familiar with more traditional adventuring.

Characters: Depends on the adventure path. For We Be Goblins or Minion Quest, characters will be provided (for Minion-Quest the entire point is being disposable and easily replaced, so lots of backup characters are there).

For other campaigns, that is something players should discuss with the DM. I think it is better to have a group willing to play together first and then work on characters.

Current Open Slots: So far our group is 5 people, I imagine 7-8 people (6-7 players + DM) would be rough maximum, but if we go above then we can make a second group.

Other Requirements: First of all, here is a Pathfinder SRD - http://www.d20pfsrd.com/ - it contains all the rules you should ever need.

Generally speaking, most Piazo things are allowed by default (but DMs reserve the right to say no) and most 3rd Party rules are not used by default (although DMs reserve the right to say yes).

Skype is how our does most of our communications. We do not require headsets, as long as you can speak and be heard, as well as hear us, that's fine.

Any questions or comments or subjects I've not covered, please mention them in your reply and I'll edit this post accordingly.

i was hoping to play a sorceress for pathfinder or if its 3.5 need to know the campaign setting
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Rail Rail
It's Pathfinder.

If you PM me your Skype I can pass the information to the others and introduce you to them.
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