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So, I recently decided to get off the fence and run a true online campaign using EpicTable. I know, I know. Somebody notify the POTUS. I am torn on what RPG/setting to use. I can tell you the RPGs I will not be using: Pathfinder and D&D (any edition). I have decided to run a PFRPG campaign using D20Pro and a Castles & Crusades campaign using Fantasy Grounds.

So, what RPG to use with EpicTable?

I believe I have whittled it down to three candidates, and I'm throwing them out to the peeps here to see how much interest exists in the EpicTable player-base for each ruleset. Other than to learn how to use the tool (EpicTable), I can think of no reason to put in the time and effort of creating a campaign if I am unable to wrangle players to enjoy the fruits of my hard work.

So, without further ado, I present the three RPG candidates for my inaugural EpicTable campaign:

Paranoia XP

The One Ring


Is there interest in any of these RPGs?
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