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I just got done playing a role play game called 'Toypocalypse'. This was designed by a friend of mine, Trevor Cristensen. He put it together as an entry for a contest over at RPG Geek where you design a game in 24 hours.

Here is the Link that points to information about the game on RPG Geek: Toypocalypse And if you wana skip all that, this link takes you straight to the PDF file that you can save to your computer Topocalypse PDF Link

here is a little 'blurb' from the game book

"In Toypocalypse players play toys in a strange ominous setting where humans mysteriously disappeared a few years ago and the toys have become sentient. No one knows where the humans have gone, but everything has been left in place, and the toys have been left to pick up the pieces. The more powerful toys have created various governments to rule the towns but most are oppressive and tyrannical and the toys can no longer suffer the oppression of this hastily formed government. Danger lies around every corner, and exploration of this new world drives each toy to find his place in a world where they are alone. Toypocalypse is intended to feel very much like Toy Story meets Roanoke Colony meets Lord of the Flies."

We had a lot of fun coming up with our characters. I played a Blue 'Halo Action Figure', Melissa played Rainbow Bright's horse StarBright, Kelly was an odd toy that carried an extra head, and one of the most unique play experiences came from Dave playing a Rubik Cube! Trevor Ran the game for us, and we all had fun.

We Escaped from a pack of Rats, well... Star Bright drew them off us. We ended the session staring down a group of hostile Frisbees! Being that we are oppressed Slaves, mining stuffing from old couches in a warehouse, I'm sowing the seeds of sedition amongst the fellow slaves in hopes of encouraging an uprising.

All in all, we are having a good time. The Rules are Free to down load, The PDF that has the rules is just 17 pages long, the rules are simple to learn, the dice mechanic is fun and plays smoothly. If your looking for something different for your gamer group to change up the pace a bit, you really might want to check it out. Feel free to look at the other games in the contest too, and if your already a member of RPG GEEK (or want to sign up,) feel free to cast a vote for which one you think is the best.

Here is a link to the thread that talks about the contest: Contest Forum Post.

The contest won't last much longer I think it's over on Monday Mar. 28th 2011 - but the rules to the game should still be free to down load from the site. Feel free to snag the PDF.


zWolf -out.

(I'm riposting the links again so you don't have to scroll back up heh):

Here is the Link that points to information about the game on RPG Geek:

Toypocalypse And if you wana skip all that, this link takes you straight to the PDF file that you can save to your computer Topocalypse PDF Link

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zWolf zWolf
Just following up on this post... Toypocalyps ended up winning that contest! which was awesome. My friend that wrote it just put it up on RPG now, for like $2.

if anyone ends up running it, let me know what you thought, I know that I sure had fun. I'm going to see if I can get it set up and running on a VTT n see how that fairs.


zWolf -out.
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Velgor Velgor
That's great news! Congrats to your friend. I'm going to go check out the link now.
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zWolf zWolf
I figured I'd post an update - The Developer of Toypocalypse is doing a kick starter to get his campaign setting out to the masses. after I kicked in my contribution, I 'shared' it on face book - I figured I'd just repost what I said there and share with you guys:


This is a campaign setting for an RPG that a friend of mine wrote. It won 1st place in a contest with several other game submissions and as I have played it - I can speak to the fact that it's quite fun to play.

You pick a 'toy' that you'd like to play as, then build out it's abilities and skills - and once that is done, you take part in an interactive adventure where your toy learns to survive and thrive in a world with out humans. The concept is great, the rules are easy to grasp, and in my experience, Fun was had by all who played!

I'm sure that this would be great for kids, but in all the play tests I was in, the players were all older, and we had an absolute blast with it.

The Campaign Setting, is set around the town that I live in (Idaho Falls, Idaho) which I'm really looking forward to playing in.

Anyway, check it out - toss in a few bucks for support and enjoy Toypocalypse!

Wade -out.

Here is the kickstarter link:
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